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My all time favorite memory as a kid was going to the island. My grandfather, George Laurenz, owned a cottage near Peach Point* and it was the most wonderful, easiest place I've ever been. That cottage and this island, Put-in-Bay, have been my 'anchor' for all these years. Someday maybe that cottage will be in my family again. But in the meantime, I truly hope that my cottage will bring you some of the joys, fun and pleasant memories that my grandfather's cottage brought me.


Joey Wolf



Welcome to Put-in-Bay, Ohio, a favorite vacation spot in Lake Erie.  Put-in-Bay is located on South Bass Island (the largest of the bass islands) off the northwest shore of Ohio.  It is approximately 65 miles from Cleveland and about 50 miles from Toledo.  South Bass Island is small, only 3.5 miles by 1.5 miles, and is only 570 feet above sea level.  The climate provides an ideal environment to support a large wine industry.  The unique limestone coastline adds to the rugged beauty of the island, and is perfect for fishing, boating, or swimming.  The island is also popular for birding, with hundreds of migratory birds to see.

Put-In-Bay offers a refreshing escape from the treadmill pace of life.  It is reachable only by water or air.  For transportation to and from the island, visit the Miller Ferry web site at or the Jet Express web site at .


Tree shaded park benches offer respite after a stroll along the bustling harbor filled with pleasure boats in summer.  Shopping, outdoor restaurants and pubs await your attention.  Golf carts are the vehicles of choice for both residents and tourists in the summer.


Put-in-Bay has two caves, a winery, and holds a pivotal place in history as the site of the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Perry's International Peace Monument and Visitor Center is a must visit.   To read more about Put-in-Bay , visit the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce web site at .


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